Our Story


Since 1980 Vittorio Guazzarotti, inspired by his creative mind and the wish to see realized his numerous projects, decided to found the company Cinros, a leader company of hand-crafted straps of over 35 years.


Having a great passion for handcrafts and a natural ability to realize artisanally his own ideas, Vittorio started to realize the first watch rolls supported by his brother Cesare and his brother- in-law Ivano.


The desire to get involved and to face new and engaging challenges meant that, after only a few years, the production of rolls was added to that of the straps.

Cinros  respects the requests of its customers, always managing to offer a product that is both sophisticated and innovative.

All this is made possible by the fact that, over the years,  Cinros never lost the handmade and manufacturing  essence keeping constantly an eye on the market and their needs.

His greatest quality, in fact, was to be able to mix a creative and thinking soul to a philosophy that put at the center of his project the personal style of each customer, thus managing to create exclusive and highly customized products with a proper identity.

All these components have placed Cinros as the market leader.

Dedication, professionalism, constant avant-garde in the processing techniques as well as refinement of the materials, all strictly and exclusively “Made in Italy”, are just some of the developping  factors for a continuous business growth.

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